Month: August 2011

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Kick A Rock is now live! You can watch our videos right on our site, then “like” us on Facebook, “tweet” us on Twitter, watch us, again, on YouTube and Vimeo, if you know what Vimeo is. 😉 Either way, we hope you like what you see. And if not, well, at least give us an …

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Fail or flourish

Well, it’s just around the corner. We’ll be launching the site tonight, just before the launch party. In a way, I’m not too concerned about that. You see, my drive has always been about the ideas. About the creativity. I love being creative. I love taking what’s in my mind and making it tangible. Making …

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Crunch time

We’re a few short days away from launching the site and I find myself full of a wave of emotions. I’m excited, nervous, anxious, concerned, pretty much every emotion you can imagine. Sergio has done an amazing job getting us ready for the site. Now it’s up to me, well all of us, to make …

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Breaks and bike rides

Long day. Productive day. Took the day off work today. It’s now exactly one week till the launch party. It’s gonna be killer. Then again, we have a ton of work to do. That’s why I stayed home. Thank god, too. I finished tweaking 16 of our videos and I should have the beta site …

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Dammit i’m mad!

In life, we all strive for perfection. Well, at least I “try” to strive for perfection. Unfortunately, for me, it’s always a journey, never a destination. We sat anxiously in the dark theater. Joe sat in front of me. Tony to my right. Not sure where Bill was, but that’s besides the point. It was …

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