For this year’s 48 Hour Film Project, we created this film, Cash—a heroic tale depicting one man’s ideas for saving the woman he loves.

In case you didn’t know, the rules of the 48 Hour Film Project is to write, shoot, and edit a film that includes 4 key components given to us at 7 pm Friday night, and deliver a completed film by 7 pm Sunday night, just a mere 48 hours later. The four components included:

1) a character's name: Lyle Engdahl — a writer

2) a genre: Superhero

3) a line of dialogue: I better not see this on Facebook

4) a prop: balloon

Cast and Crew:

Bill Miller — Stokes

Tony Marino — Cash

Joe Munno — Lyle Engdahl

Mary McDermott — Lora Engdahl

Kristi McKay — Samantha

Dick Stokes — Ardo

Kallie Noelle Rolison — Henchman

Eric Scaccia — Henchman

Jeff Kurysz — Grip

Sergio Torres — Director/DP/Editor

Music by:


Written by:

Tony Marino, Joe Munno
and Sergio Torres