Cast and Crew:

Lora Kowalski — Charlotte

Meg Elliott — Mom

Bill Miller — Lighting/Boyfriend

Tony Marino — Lighting/Sound

Dee Sroka — Production Assistant

Sergio Torres — Writer/Director

Created exclusively for the 22 Hour Project, presented by EX-Pats Theatre Company, Grandma's Secret is a story of a woman who discovers her grandma's nude photos taken when she was young. This project was written, filmed and edited in less than 22 hours. The only rule—base the film from a single excerpt taken from a short story we may never know.

"After her death, I found several erotic pictures of my grandmother taken when she was a young women; before she met my grandfather. I always admired her passionate and independent spirit, but these photos made me insanely proud to be her granddaughter. I have kept them hidden from my mom and the rest of the family because I know their reaction would be completely opposite of mind. Your secret is safe with me g-ma!"

grandma’s secret

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Music by:

Kevin MacLeod