So this is Joe. He’s most definitely the least talented of the group. Just don’t tell him that because he apparently thinks he’s great, at EVERYTHING!

He’s a below-average writer, and mediocre describes his acting at best. He thinks he has talent because he went to broadcasting school. Not college or anything, but some “broadcasting only” school called The Illinois Center for Broadcasting. And what do you suppose he did with that broadcasting “degree?” He wallowed in retail for awhile, selling people stuff. Thanks for contributing to the national debt, a-hole!

These days, aside from sucking the talent out of the room with Kick A Rock, he has a pretty cool job with Windy City Event Services. He’ll tell you it’s either great or the worst ever. But he can’t seem to make up his mind on that one. I’d say it’s kinda cool because he works on Special Events, handling equipment rental and stuff—you know tents, stages, that sorta thing. He even deals with porto potties—that’s gotta suck worse than his acting!

But for real, he gets to go to all these fests and concerts all over the place and calls it "work". Yeah sure, work my ass! At least he makes a decent living at it, so whatever.

Just like the other guys, he’s a born-and-raised Southsider. Although sometimes I think he thinks he’s more Southside than the rest just because he’s a huge White Sox fan, and wears Sox t-shirts and hats like he’s an animated Fox character or something. Don’t you own anything besides White Sox shirts, dude?

If you wanna know more about this punk ass hit ’em up at Maybe he can score you concert tickets. I doubt that though, he hasn’t gotten me shit yet!