The Cast:

Roula Villis — Girl

Tony Marino — Guy

Joe Munno — Pedestrian

JT Molloy — City Worker

Bill Miller — President

The Crew:

Roula Villis – PA

Sergio Torres — Director/Editor

JT Molloy — Motion Graphics

Story by:

Tony Marino, JT Molloy, Bill Miller,

Joe Munno & Sergio Torres

It's our second Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project experience and we're extremely excited to show you what we've created!

Congrats to all the wonderful films that screened this year. And, for those who don't know about the 48, teams across the city have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film using four unique elements:

Character: Walter or Wendy Hinchliffe, Government Employee
Prop: Extension Cord
Line: "Psst! Come here."
Genre: Silent Film