Our 2010 48 Hour Film Project Submission:

Duncan Kerry, a well-known Physicist, develops technology to harness energy from a potato sparking fear in the big petroleum companies, who send their cronies to put an end to his life's work.

The four components included:

1) a character's name: Denise Kerrey — store clerk

2) a genre: Sci-Fi

3) a line of dialogue: I am sure you are mistaken

4) a prop: a mug

solanum tuberosum

Cast and Crew:

Bill Miller — Duncan Kerrey

Tony Marino — Agent 1

Dick Stokes — Agent 2

Brian Toppel — Artie McTie

Melanie Baloney — Denise Kerrey

Joe Munno — Innocent Bystander

Sergio Torres — Director/DP/Editor

Music by:

Bread and Bottle (now Lipreader)

Story by:

Bill Miller, Tony Marino, Joe Munno, Sergio Torres, Brian Toppel and Justin Stillmaker