JT is the newest addition to Kick A Rock and not a founding member. As such, he’s a lot like Winston from Ghostbusters, except Ernie Hudson is way better at acting. He pursued his dreams of working in entertainment in Los Angeles, but fled in terror when he ran out of money, so now he edits Monster Jam and Supercross commercials at FELD Entertainment.

JT graduated from Columbia College with a BA in Television Post-Production and a minor in Art Illustration, so he’s very “qualified”. “Qualified” is of course in quotes because it basically translates to “Yet another petulant, aging punk rock hipster who feels the world owes him something”. Despite this debilitating character flaw, JT has been in the industry as an editor, motion graphics artist and shooter for 8 years.

Mr. Molloy is admittedly a very gifted artist as well, but squanders this talent by creating self-published graphic novel trash like The Sapphire Spectre and doing acrylic paintings almost exclusively to trick women into thinking he’s charming.

But trust me, he’s not. He does, however, have a fancy Facebook Page for that coloring book, I mean graphic novel he was just talking about.

You can reach JT at 3 places; A) On the west side of the city, drunk, scribbling on the back of flyers at bars. B) In his boxers watching Batman: The Animated Series or C) At his Hotmail account. Seriously. Hotmail. An all-encompassing indication of his character in that he still thinks it’s 1997.

Then again, you can always reach him at his nifty new Kick A Rock address. Of course, why would you want to do that?