Born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, Lora has been living, working and acting in Chicago for the past ten years. 

With a BFA in Professional Acting, including a three-year intensive program in Meisner Technique, she brings to Kick A Rock a strong theatre and dance background along with a serious nerd-fixation for musical theater.

She once auditioned for Disney back in 2004 and was “casting approved” for the roles of Mary Poppins and Cruella De Ville.

Both of which complement her persona very well as she is quite the typical Gemini — outgoing and funny at first glance while secretly plotting her diabolical revenge behind the scenes.

Lora began working with Kick A Rock in 2012 by the literal throw of a dart. You can hear the full details of that experience in our 51st episode of Two Drink Minimum: It’s A Girl — Introducing Lora K.

When not running around town befriending every dog she meets, Lora can be seen eating vegan brunch, listening to murder podcasts and working in the Chicago theatre scene for CaptionPoint — an on-site accessibility service providing open captions for live theater performances for d/Deaf and hard of hearing. 

A huge admirer of Gilda Radner, Carol Burnett and Catherine O’hara (to name a few), Lora’s dream gig would be singing background vocals for Sara Bareilles on her next tour. Until then, she would love to find a reason to activate her SAG membership, aka: secure representation to advance theatre/film roles as well as voice-over opportunities.