Sergio is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Yeah, he designed this site, but it functions like crap. Yeah, he wrote some sketches, but they don’t make sense. Yeah, he works the camera, but his DP skills blow. Yeah, he edits the videos, but come on, I’ve seen better editing on YouTube by some random 10-year-old-kid.

If there’s anything he’s mastered in life, I’d have to say it’s probably his oral hygiene. I mean, this guy flosses twice a day, and didn’t get his first cavity until he was 27. Now, I’m not a dentist, but I have to say that’s pretty damn impressive.

Another thing Sergio’s good at is his day job. You didn’t think all he did was work on this site, did you? Nope, he actually works in advertising. 

Yep, advertising. Talk about a sham. Right now, as you read, he’s probably off somewhere trying to sell you crap you never wanted. Like they always say, “20% off” means you’re paying 80% for something you DON’T need.

Anyway, if you care to chat with Sergio, or want to hate on him for cluttering this world with crappy advertising, give him a shout. I’m sure he’ll just ignore you anyway.