Tony, aka Lurch, started acting as a kid in grade school. Then again, we all got stuck doing the annual Christmas play at some point, that doesn’t mean we all need to be actors, right?

Nonetheless, in high school he decided to be a thespian, but because of his height he kept getting cast as the Ogre, Jolly Green Giant, or some other unnatural beast requiring a man of his massive magnitude. 

After his stint in high school he realized acting was his calling and went on to do a short run in community theater.

His love for film provoked him to pursue a career in acting and writing. However, his day job is just a bartender, so I guess that tells you how well his “career” is going. The funny thing is, he’s not even a good bartender. I’d say mediocre at the most.

Anyway, you can usually find him serving drinks at Barraco’s on the Southside of Chicago. If you want to visit him, you should. He’s always there. Really, he’s never out acting. Just bartending.

But if you do want to see a few things he’s done with his acting, you can find him in a couple films, including, but not limited to, Fallen Souls, and The Icing—featuring Chicago’s very own Jim McMahon. No seriously. He did a movie with Jim McMahon. That’s no joke. Check it out on YouTube. That stuff’s for real!

He also does work with a local production company, Visual Edge. You can watch his talent there on one of my favorite shows, Bookies. The other guy in those episodes is really good. I wonder if he’ll work for us one day?