Am I the only Ghost Whisperer fan?

Okay, so I have to admit something here. I am a huge fan of Ghost Whisperer. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s a very, very cheesy show. Jennifer Love Hewitt, looking all sexy, week after week, talking to dead people helping them cross over.

I mean, come on, they spent a lot of money on her extensions for this show. But, seriously, holy crap does she look hot.

However, beyond all the sexiness of that unbelievable goddess, this is a really good show. Seriously, every time I watch an episode I tear up at the end. No really, I tear up for Christ’s sake. Yeah, as sad as that sounds, I get all emotional. I know, that’s dumb, right?

But I will admit, it gets to me every time. A father, son, wife, daughter, wanting to say their last goodbye to someone they love. You have to appreciate that sentiment. So yeah, anytime I have a chance to watch an episode, you can bet your ass I’m gonna sit down and watch it.

So seriously, am I the only one? Am I the only person who will admit that Ghost Whisperer is a really good show? Please, seriously, tell me. Am I completely wrong on this one? Am I just thinking with the wrong head? Is the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt is completely gorgeous and I want to like this show because of that one fact a bad thing?

Or, am I right in thinking that this is one really good show. I don’t’ know. You tell me. I’d like to hear what you all think in the comments below. Let me know. I’m dying to hear your thoughts.

Ciao for now!