Month: July 2011

The best part..

I have to admit, the best part of wrapping up a shoot… drinking with the crew. God, it was a long day. Well worth it though. Well worth it.

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Rise and shine…

Okay, been up for about an hour now prepping for the shoot. Four hours of sleep isn’t bad, right? As we speak, Tony and Joe are prop shopping. I’m taking care of remedial duties; printing scripts, picking up last minute supplies, looking for masks in case Tony and Joe don’t have any luck. I know, …

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48 Hour…YES!

This is it, suckas! In about an hour, we’ll know all four components for making our 7 minute film; most importantly, the genre. Who knows what it’ll be. A Spaghetti Western? Maybe. A Musical? Oh god, I hope not. How about a Buddy Cop film? That would be SWEET. Nonetheless, check back throughout the weekend …

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Big dreams. Small budget.

You ever sit around and think to yourself, “Man… why didn’t I just go ahead and do that. I totally could have (insert dream here).” Yeah, I’ve sat around and pondered thoughts like that for years. It’s funny how time flies by. One minute you’re trying to figure out what college to go to. And …

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Big weekend

Kick A Rock has a big weekend coming up. We’re entering the 48 Hour Film Project! Should be a lot of fun but a lot of work too. I hate deadlines!