Sleep deprived and excited

That describes me perfectly after this weekend. The 48 Hour Film Project this year has made me feel something I haven’t felt in a long time. Normally when I’m on this little sleep, it’s working a big event—and by the time it’s over I’m just aggravated and bitter.

This time though I have this strange feeling, an emotion you might feel lying awake in bed on Christmas Eve as a child. We’re on the home stretch here, and the final result that awaits Kick A Rock makes me think that sleep doesn’t matter right now.

I’m waiting for my carpooling companions right now and all I can think is “let’s go, let’s get this done.” Not because I’m tired and wanna be finished, but because I want to see it, I want to unwrap this present. I hope my gut and heart are right and I’m not let down. I don’t think I will or can be.