Dammit i’m mad!

In life, we all strive for perfection. Well, at least I “try” to strive for perfection. Unfortunately, for me, it’s always a journey, never a destination.

We sat anxiously in the dark theater. Joe sat in front of me. Tony to my right. Not sure where Bill was, but that’s besides the point.

It was quiet and pitch black. The anticipating beats in our hearts were almost audible in the silence of the theater.

Then, our title card lit up the screen. YES!

All went well at first. Tony appeared on the screen, sharp and majestic. Cut to a giant, beastly man shadowing our hero in the night. Enter Bill Miller, an actor of which his performance was beyond stellar. And all was right with Kick A Rock.

The sound was exquisite. The lighting, villainous.

Cue kick-ass soundtrack from our dear friends Lipreader, and we had one hell of a start to our 48 Hour viewing. 

And then…

…then came the most unsettling sound you could ever imagine (given you have a film submitted in a film festival of course). The sound of our AUDIO DROPPING.

What the hell, man! What went wrong?

Did I accidently lower it before exporting? Did rendering mess with the levels?

I don’t know, but all I could hear were the barely audible lines spoken between our hero and the nemesis’ henchman.


Side note: did you know that “dammit I’m mad” is also a palindrome? What’s a palindrome, you ask? It’s a word or phrase that can be spelled the same way forward or backward. Like mom, or evil olive. Pretty cool, right?

Okay, back to the story.


My fists clinched. My teeth gritted. AHHHH! 

Luckily! When the scene cut to INT. OFFICE, audio was back to normal. Voices could be heard. Soundtrack was something fierce. All was right with Kick A Rock again.

Well, like I said, I “try” to strive for perfection.

But, for me, it’s always a journey. Never a destination.