Big dreams. Small budget.

You ever sit around and think to yourself, “Man… why didn’t I just go ahead and do that. I totally could have (insert dream here).”

Yeah, I’ve sat around and pondered thoughts like that for years.

It’s funny how time flies by.

One minute you’re trying to figure out what college to go to. And the next minute, you’re slaving away for some company letting all your good ideas go to waste.

Okay, I should give you a little background here. So, I’m a copywriter by day. What’s a copywriter? A copywriter writes the words you see in a TV commercial, or a magazine ad. We work closely with art directors and come up with ways to get consumers (that would be you) to buy stuff.

That’s what I do all day long. But don’t get me wrong; during those moments between brainstorm sessions, or meetings with clients, I’m daydreaming.

Actually, it’s more like day regretting. Regretting that I didn’t try. You know. Try to finish that screenplay that sits on my hard drive collecting digital dust. Regretting I didn’t go to LA and try to pitch some ideas. Regretting I didn’t move to New York and study film like I thought I would when I was in high school.

Nope, I stayed here. In Chicago. Creating ads. For companies. That make lots of money. From ideas. That I come up with. All while daydreaming. I mean regretting. Between brainstorms. And bathroom breaks.

Okay, that last paragraph was a grammatical nightmare. Don’t judge. I’m not working right now. I’m blogging. And in the blog world, grammar doesn’t matter.

Where was I? Oh yes. Daydreaming. I mean regretting.

So, enough background. Let’s jump to today. With Kick A Rock.

What is Kick A Rock?

Well, Kick A Rock to me is four guys from the Southside of Chicago, getting together because they’re tired of dreaming (note: these are my words, not everyone’s). But, I think it’s safe to say we all have the same dream. Or at least a very similar one.

That dream, of course, would be to create a film, or video, that people can watch, and hopefully enjoy. No we don’t have a lot of money. And no we don’t have huge production crews to help us create these wonderful little ideas we have swimming around in our brains. But, we try. We try because, for me, I’m tired of sitting around thinking to myself, “Man… why didn’t I just go ahead and do that. I totally could have (insert dream here).”

Yeah. I’m tired of daydreaming.

So… what is Kick A Rock? It’s exactly what I said from the beginning of this blog. It’s Big Dreams with a Small Budget. Enough said.