Aphrodite Inc.

Cheers to another Chicago 48 Hour Film Project experience and we’re extremely excited to show you what we’ve created!

Congrats to all the wonderful films that screened this year. And, for those who don’t know about the 48, teams across the city have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film using four unique elements:

Character: Trudy or Trevor Fenderson, Designer
Prop: A Hat
Line: “I’m looking for a friend of mine.” 
Genre: Romance

The Cast:

Lora Kowalski — Karen
Bill Miller — Henry
Roula Villis — Jane
Tony Marino — John
Izla Olson — Trudy
Joe Munno — Trevor

The Crew:

Sergio Torres — Director/Editor
JT Molloy — Motion Graphics
Bill Miller — Writer
John O’Shaughnessy – Cinematography
Joe Lang — Camera Assistant
Joe Zika — PA
Rich Douban — Assistant PA
Kathryn Brown — Location Scout
Izla Olson — Hair & Makeup
Chris James — Original Music

Story By:

Tony Marino, JT Molloy, Bill Miller, Joe Munno & Sergio Torres