CBGB — I should have watched this movie sooner!

Wow, this flick came out in 2013 and I am just getting around to watching it now? Not only does it star Alan Rickman, one of my favorite British actors, but it’s an epic depiction of one of the most kick-ass bars that ever existed in New York.

Now, if you’re a fan of old school punk, then CBGB is a movie that you have to watch. It’s a fun film that follows the life of Hilly Kristal, the creator and owner of a Country, Bluegrass and Blues club that ended up becoming the birthplace of an underground rock ‘n roll scene known as PUNK!

So do yourself a favor. Stop what you’re doing and put this bad boy in your Netflix queue so you have something to watch the next time you’re bored on a Saturday night. You’re welcome.