Civil War Almost Bored Me… Until The Epic Airport Scene

Like many people who went to the movies this weekend, I opted to see Captain America: Civil War, and I gotta be honest, it kind of bored me. Until the epic airport battle scene began!

First off, as part of the collection of movies known as the Marvel universe, Civil War is the follow up to The Winter Solder and Avengers: Age of Ultron, two action-packed adventures worth watching.

As for Civil War, it picks up where the two left off, chasing bad guys and destroying cities. This of course leads us to the plot of the movie, which is super heroes need to be governed in order to prevent the deaths of innocent people.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really good plot. But for some reason, the first hour felt like it was dragging. Then, just as I started to give up, one of the biggest super hero battles in cinematic history began to unfold. And like that, you had an epic 17-minute sequence featuring Iron Man going toe-to-toe with Captain America and each of their respective allies battling for what is right.

Throw in a not-so-tiny Antman, and a perfect comic-book depiction of Spiderman, and you have one hell of a good fight scene that left me wanting to watch it again. Well, the fight scene, not the whole movie. As a whole, I give it a 7. But that’s just the opinion of a non-comic book nerd.

So what did you think? Was it amazingly great or a bit of a bore? Let us know in the comments below. And if you didn’t see, watch the trailer here and decide for yourself if it’s worth the watch.