Fuller House, Lesser Laughs

When I first heard they were bringing back Full House on Netflix, I got pretty excited. What kid didn’t love this fun-loving group of friends and family that came together to help each other out. I remember watching this show and laughing my butt off at the hilarious hijinks that occurred on a weekly basis. Well, the new show Fuller House is out and let’s just say as an adult… I didn’t find anything about it funny.

Don’t get me wrong. Sure it was great to see Netflix bring the whole gang back together, except for one cast member whom I won’t mention in case you haven’t seen it yet. But, man were all the jokes cheesy and disappointing. I will give props to the creators for maintaining the humor and style of the original show. But now that I’m grown up, I wouldn’t suggest this to any adult unless you have kids and want to show them something that mommy and daddy use to watch when they were little.

So, if you’re contemplating watching this show on your own, I’d think twice about it. It’ll do nothing but disappoint you greatly and make you question everything you ever loved as a child.