I Drink and I Know Things: Game of Thrones Sn 8, Ep 2 – “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

With the dead marching on a collision course to Winterfell we were given a final look at the players still left in the game. A final look at what is at stake for them. A final (Hey! Slow down with the “final” talk. There’s still four episodes left!) OK. Fine. Maybe not the final look at ALL of the characters, but unfortunately for some of them we need to prepare for the worst. There were some great (and shocking) moments in this episode. A nice table setter before the feast. A calm before the storm. A… something else before something something… you get the idea. 

The Trial of the Kingslayer

Jaime stands before the court of Winterfell as they decide whether or not to let him join their cause, or… you know, kill him. Fun to note that the seating arrangements have changed and Dany is now sitting front and center. Jon, now demoted to the Warden of the North, is looking as brooding as ever after having received news of his lineage. I’d be upset too if I found out my real name was Aegon. Bran does what Bran does and creeps out Jaime and the rest of the hall with a “things we do for love” reference. Brienne finally comes to Jaime’s aide and vouches for him. It’s not unanimous, but the court decides against killing him for now. Tyrion gets scolded again about his recent mistakes and assumes that his days as the Hand of the Queen are numbered. Perhaps everyone’s days are numbered at this point. Still hoping he has a redeeming plan soon!

I Know Death. It Has Many Faces.

Arya is a badass. Do I need to say more about this scene? Gendry gets to making her weapon after some more flirting/threatening and… well… more on that later. 

The Boys Are Back In Town

And they are not welcome at all it seems. The North remembers how the Lannisters send their regards. Tyrion and Jaime have a quick “Our sister is cray cray right?” chat and Jaime spots Brienne training the troops outside the walls. He pledges his services to her and offers to fight under her command if she’ll have him, which of course she will because she loves him and they’ll probably die fighting by each others side and it’ll be heart wrenching and DAMMIT GOT stop toying with my emotions! Fortunately, that’s the last serious and heartfelt moment we have between these two in this episode. (Checks notes) Oh, son of a… 

Ser Friend Zone, First of His Name

Jorah convinces his Khaleesi (I love that he still calls her that) to forgive Tyrion and make nice with Sansa. Dany obliges and speaks with the Lady of Winterfell one on one. It goes well, until it doesn’t. Before Dany can answer the question of what will happen to the North when the war is over, Theon returns to pledge his allegiance and hug it out with Sansa. Soon after, the group from the Last Hearth arrive in Winterfell and hug it out with Jon. Tormund begins his search for the big woman. 

The Plan?

In the war room several big players get together to hatch a plan against the undead army. Bran claims the Night King is after him specifically because he has a beef with the Three Eyed Monotone Boy and the best way to trap him is to use Bran as bait. But have no fear, Theon and the Ironborn will be protecting him in the Godswood! I’m sorry, what? There’s nobody else willing to guard Bran? We’re going to entrust Theon with this task? Um… Ok… Fine. Well, looks like Bran is dead for sure. Great talk everybody. And… Break! 

And Now Our Watch Begins

As everybody spends their potential last night alive in their own way, the Brothers of the Night’s Watch do what they do best. Stare out into the darkness. Fun to remember that Samwell Tarly really was the first person to kill a White Walker in a thousand years. (Give or take.) Hey! Is that Ghost?! They found some room in the budget to have a brief Ghost appearance? Hopefully that means he’ll see some action in the battle.

Got Giant’s Milk?

Maybe the best set of scenes in the episode happen in front of this fireplace. A group of characters gather around to have a drink and tell tales. Especially Tormund Giantsbane, who regales the small party with a story of how he got his name. Giant’s milk is to Tormund as spinach is to Popeye. Drink up tall man. Drink up. 

Arya’s Weapon

Arya finally gets that spear she wanted. If you read that as a lewd remark that’s your fault for having a filthy mind. I know she is old enough, but she has grown up in front of our eyes and it’s a bit weird right? I still can’t wait to see that spear in action! The actual weapon, not…uh…never mind. 

Ser Brienne of Tarth

Without doubt one of the best scenes the show has ever had. For the record, I definitely did not cry when I watched Brienne get knighted. (Maybe a little) Both swords that were present during the ceremony are the two made from Ice, the sword of House Stark. So technically Brienne was knighted by the same family she swore an oath to protect so long ago. (Ok, I maybe cried more than little.) The fact that it’s Jaime performing the ceremony makes their relationship come full circle. I hope they both have enough “plot armor” left for the next episode. (Alright, I sobbed like a baby during this scene. There. Are you happy now?)

The Night King Cometh?

Jon tells Dany the story we’ve heard more than a few times at this point and yet it’s still interesting to see her reaction to it. Unfortunately, before Dany can say “I’m your aunty,” the dead come a knocking. A cavalry of White Walkers march on Winterfell as the episode comes to a close. Suspiciously no Night King sighting though. Hmmm. Wouldn’t he be out in front with his dragon? Or could he be flying elsewhere first? Doesn’t he know that Bran is a sitting duck in the Godswood? (God that’s a terrible plan!) Anyway, on to the Battle of Winterfell!

Thoughts and Theories

  • “The crypts are the safest place to be” is said no less than a thousand times during the episode which would lead one to believe that they are in no way the safest place to be. 
  • I have a bad feeling that the weirwood tree in Winterfell may be ashes by the end of the battle.
  • Seriously, where has Ghost been?
  • Plot armor aside, we need to prepare for a blood bath next episode. Nobody is safe. Except Tyrion. They’re not that cruel right? (Checks notes again) Oh, son of a…
  • You know who else we haven’t seen yet? The Red Woman. Those Lord of Light priests have an army right?
  • Sorry Grey Worm, you can’t promise an island getaway with Missandei before a big battle. Have you not seen Game of Thrones before? That’s a bad idea…
  • How much does Tyrion know after talking to Bran one on one? Hopefully enough to be the clever Imp again that we all miss. 

Let me know your own thoughts and theories in the comments below. As always, thank you for reading!

That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”