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Thoughts and Theories about Thrones

Season 6 – Episodes 1 & 2

After many months of waiting, Game of Thrones has finally returned to dominate my Sunday evenings. There is much to talk about in these first two episodes, but I’ll do my best to keep it short and hit some of the (in my opinion) major plot points. 

Episode 1 – “The Red Woman”

The season opens where the previous one ends. Jon Snow is dead. It is known. That’s never been the question though. We haven’t been led to believe that he might be dead, (looking at you Walking Dead) but rather we have been anticipating when and how he will come back. He has to come back right? Wrong. At least for this first episode he is still as dead as one would expect after having been stabbed roughly forty seven thousand times. Frankly, I was getting a bit tired of hearing about it for the past 10 months. It was getting old. Oh, and speaking of old…

The Red Woman, Melisandre, is old. Like centuries old. The episode ends with that reveal as Melisandre stares at her true self in the mirror wondering where it all went wrong. She goes to bed and the screen fades to black leaving us all to think the same thing, “Get your old ass out of bed and bring Jon Snow back you lazy hag!” Was that just me? Oh well.

Dany is stuck between a rock and the Dothraki equivalent of the Three Stooges. Not to worry though since Jorah and Daario, the Odd Couple of Westeros, are on her trail. Amazing how they just so happened to find Dany’s earring in that very small patch of grass right?

Episode 2 – “Home”

Oh, hey Bran Stark. I remember you. Bran’s debut after being absent for a season did not disappoint. He has been training with the Three-Eyed Raven and can now peek into the past. Not the last flashback we’ll see this season I suspect. 

Things get wild at The Wall. Just as it seems like we might get an epic battle, a giant breaks down the door and ruins the party. Tormund Giantsbane and The Wildlings (Great name for a punk band)  make quick work of the few fools that actually decide to fight and Alliser Thorne and his mutineers (Another good name) hastily surrender. Ollie is still alive and annoying however, so there’s that.

Tyrion Lannister how I’ve missed you. The banter he has with Varys “The Spider” in the first episode was good enough, but in this scene he drops what is maybe the best line (and clearly the inspiration for this blog’s title) in Game of Thrones to date. Oh and watching him speak to the dragons was awesome, touching, and nerve racking at the same time. If he does that again, punch him in the face. 

Oh, and Jon Snow comes back. 

Thoughts and Theories for this season…

  • Kill a few princes and suddenly Dorne gets a bit more interesting.
  • Jaime wants revenge. Lannisters always pay their debts.
  • Cersei mentions the prophecy about her children dying again.
    Not good for King Tommen.
  • I know Jon is back, but can we make the Onion Knight the new
    Lord Commander please?
  • Seriously, kill Ollie.
  • Tyrion the dragon tamer? Yes please. 
  • We have a new Lord Bolton which is not going to be good
    for anybody it seems. 
  • With Brienne at her side, Sansa could rally support in the North.
  • Arya begins her training to become Daredevil. 
  • Anybody else notice the blatant absence of Littlefinger?
    There’s a twist coming and he’s involved.
  • According to the Episode 3 trailer (featured below), Bran’s next flashback features a young Ned Stark. Is it Sunday yet?

That’s all for now kids. What are your thoughts on this season so far? Let me know in the comments below. Looking forward to the next episode!

“That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”