Lyrics, Rhymes, Nickels & Dimes

Well, it’s been another 48 Hour success, and we can’t be more excited and humble for winning best film, best directing and best choreography! With so many phenomenal films this year, it’s hard to believe we actually won best film. 

Congrats to all the wonderful films that screened this year. And, for those who don’t know about the 48, teams across the city have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film using four unique elements:

Character: Iris Burrmon, Treasurer
Prop: Casette Tape
Line: “It can’t be that difficult.” 
Genre: Musical

The Cast:

Lora Kowalski — Iris Burrmon
Bill Miller — Alexander Hamilton
Brad Moore — Hype Dancer
Lori Hirschman — Hype Dancer
Tony Marino — Hype Dancer
Joe Munno — Hype Dancer

The Crew:

Joe Lang – DP/Camera Op.
Vinny Pinto – DP/Camera Op.
John Pinto – Sound Engineer
Lex Vasquez – Grip
Jesse Vasquez – PA
Thomas Stevenson – PA
Sergio Torres — Director/Editor

Written by:

Tony Marino, Bill Miller, Joe Munno & Sergio Torres.

Music by:

Kevin Macleod –