Netflix…umm, I mean Qwikster?

Okay, so yes, we all know that Netflix has changed their pricing. And yes, a lot of people think it sucks. But, for me, I have to admit, it makes a lot of sense. And I don’t mind the price increase because the reasoning behind the change in price is for the better.

No, seriously, it’s a good thing, particularly when it comes to streaming. See, the studios run the show right now. And I completely respect their point that their content is worth more than the 99¢ that Apple wants to sell a TV show for, or the monthly fee that Netflix Charges. So, where does that leave all these new streaming options. Well, pretty much at the mercy of the studios.

Therefore, when Netflix decided to separate their DVD service with their streaming service, it made sense. In the long run, we, as Netflix subscribers, will get so much better content because Netflix can now afford to pay the studios the money they want for licensing fees. It’s crazy, but it makes good business sense.

Now, one thing I wasn’t expecting is this open apology and explanation from Netflix, straight from their CEO. Kind of nice to see that they’re trying to reach out and let us know what’s going on. Makes this whole price change situation a little bit easier to handle. Know what I mean?