Scott’s Place

Yep, we did another 48 Hour Film Project this year, so why not spend a few minutes watching what Kick A Rock pulled off in just 48 hours. That’s right, only two days to write, shoot and edit a short film. Not bad for a couple of south siders working with no budget.

The only catch, we had to stick to these guidelines. If any were missing, we did’t qualify. Let the games begin.

Character:  Mike or Michelle Madigan, A Chemist
Prop: Remote Control
Line: “Why didn’t I think of that?” 
Genre: Thriller

The Cast:

Bill Miller — Mike Madigan
Lori Kowalski — Charlotte
Darren Georgia — Ben
JT Molloy — Scott
John Dolan — Man
Jessica Maciejewski — Woman
Blake Mikol — Anchor

The Crew:

Dominick Damiani — Grip
JT Molloy — Visual FX
Tony Marino — Assistant Director
Sergio Torres — Director/DP/Editor

Written By:

Kevin Folliard

Music by:

Kevin Macleod —