Sorry beauty, I would have passed you by

It amazes me how much we miss when we don’t take a moment to enjoy everything around us. It’s like Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once and while, you could miss it.”

I’ve always been a firm believer of that philosophy. Ever since my days at Columbia, I would spend hours sitting in Grant Park, or along Michigan Ave., watching, staring, gazing. It wasn’t until after College I began to bring a camera everywhere I went to document my surroundings.

It’s hard to capture the moment. You know, to snap a pic that completely encompasses everything you feel when you see something absolutely captivating. It’s difficult because your eyes see something beautiful, yet, everyone around you simply walks on by.

When I walk through the city, I see art. I see shape. I see color and design. When I walk through this city, I see the work of a designer, a sculptor, an artist. Work of someone who spent hours, days, maybe even years to create. It’s beautiful, really. Like the picture in this post. It’s a roof. A cover. It’s something that shades the ground beneath it.

But damn, when I looked up, and saw the shadows, the depth, the design, I thought it was beautiful. So I captured it. To share with you. Had I not looked up, well, sorry beauty, I would have passed you by.