The lonely tower

There’s no story to tell here. At least not one that I can think of. But imagine what stories this tower could tell as it stands here desolate and dreary withering away to nothing.

I’m 230 miles from Chicago right now in a small town called Bitely. Yeah, Bitely, Michigan. Ever hear of it? Neither did I till my buddy asked me to head up to his cottage over 10 years ago.

We came up here this weekend to get away for a bit. You know, hang out on the lake and enjoy the rest of summer. Unfortunately, weather didn’t agree with our plans. It rained all morning.

Luckily, we decided to occupy our down-poured day with a drive around the small town. Much to my delight we stumbled upon this tower. This lonely tower standing silent and still beckoning to be found.

Well, I found you lonely tower. Hope you enjoy your 15 seconds of fame. After I send this post, you’ll go back to being forgotten and alone.