Bloodline — Netflix Has Impressed Me Again

We’ve all been in that situation when you just don’t know what to watch next on Netflix. And let’s face it, you don’t want to start something that sucks and later realize you just wasted hours, maybe days, watching a crappy show. Bloodline, on the other hand, is not that type of show. And as a matter of fact, turned out to be quite the unexpected thriller that left me excited for a second season.

This Netflix Original starring Kyle Chandler (Wolf of Wall Street, Early Edition) takes us on a journey of sibling rivalry, family secrets, and dark twists and turns that’ll leave you second guessing yourself every step of the way. From the degenerate brother to the cheating little sister, it’s hard to tell who’s the good guy, who’s the bad, and who’s the sibling you can actually trust. Like the show’s tagline says, “We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing.”

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