Sicario: Bloody. Gritty. Downright Mad.

Simply put, Sicarcio translated means “hitman” in Spanish. Don’t worry, I didn’t give anything away, as they tell you this at the beginning of the movie. But, had I known this flick would tell the tale of the grittiest, bloodiest, downright craziest hitman working with the U.S. government, I would have watched it a lot sooner.

Now, sure this movie stars Emily Blunt, and going into it I thought for sure she would steel the show. But Emily’s no hitman. However, put a badass like Benicio Del Toro in that role and you have yourself one hell of a performance that brings back memories of his phenomenal display of madness that goes back to his days as Fenster in The Usual Suspects.

So get your butt to the nearest Redbox, or rent it from your favorite streaming site, and settle in for a two-hour adventure of lies, cover-ups and revenge.