Forget Netflix, stream movies directly from the studios

Did anyone rent Transformers: Dark of the Moon last Friday? I did. But, had I known I could stream it to my iMac, I may not have bothered.

Get this, Paramount is giving moviegoers the option to stream the new Transformers directly from them.

That’s right! Forget waiting 30 days for Netflix, or renting from a dying Blockbuster brick and mortar store. You can watch it instantly from this link.

Only catch, you have to have a PC to get it in HD. Nonetheless, I find this very interesting for the future of streaming movies. I mean, if Paramount is already figuring out ways to get their content to the people without the need of other sources, then who knows how long until all the studios offer this option. Only time will tell.

Update: per Dick Stokes, it’s “mortar” with an “a” not an “e.” He is correct.