Rest in peace Steve Jobs, you will be missed

Can’t say I didn’t see this day coming, but now that it’s here, it makes me really sad. See, I’ve been working on Macs my whole career. I even used them in college.

For years its been said that Macs are for creatives. People who need to do real work need a PC. Well, I do real work, every day. Been doing real work for what seems like forever. And, every step of the way, it’s been done on a Mac.

Even today, Kick A Rock, my pride, my joy, was built on a Mac. The videos we create are edited on a Mac. Our Kick A Rock logo was designed on a Mac. The website itself, built from the ground up on a Mac.

Well, thank you Steve Jobs. If it wasn’t for your hard work, inspiration, and drive, I wouldn’t be the creative person I am today. Thank you, so very much!