I Drink and I Know Things: Game of Thrones Sn 7, Ep 3 – “The Queen’s Justice”

The Queen’s Justice

OK. So this recap took a bit longer to post. I let down my millions of readers. (Rounded up to the nearest million.) There were a few technical difficulties and… You know what? I’ll just let Tyrion explain it for me…

“A long and bloody tale. To be honest, I was drunk for most of it.”

OK. My apologies. At least after reading this one you won’t have to wait as long for the next installment right? Now then, let’s move on…


The bastard of Winterfell reunites with the dwarf of Casterly Rock. The show runners are not wasting any time with moving the plot along this season. A trip that would have taken Jon about four episodes a few seasons ago now only takes roughly thirty minutes. I’m not complaining about this sudden streamlining because it skips over what I’m sure would’ve been some epic “brooding at sea” scenes from Jon Snow. For getting to moments like this it works, but for others (which I’ll get to later) not so much. 

Tyrion and Jon reconnecting was fun to see and I enjoyed the banter about how they came into their current positions and whose weddings were or were not consummated. We were also very heavily reminded of Jon’s lineage when a dragon decided to pull a Maverick and buzz the tower right after Jon says that he’s “not a Stark.” He still knows nothing. 

The meeting between Dany and Jon was also something fans have been waiting on since the beginning of the story and it did not disappoint. I don’t think it will take long for them to be on the same page, but it was realistic of them to not outright trust each other from the get go. I’m sure their relationship will be streamlined as well. Especially when/if Dany finds out that she’s technically his aunt. Of course that might not be a good thing. Of Dany’s twenty or so titles the one that stands out in this instance is that she is the “Last Targaryen.” Not exactly true once all is revealed. How will she handle that? Loving Aunt or Mad Queen? Either way it was good to finally see “Ice and Fire together” as Melisandre eloquently put it. 

By the way, for someone who has three dragons, is it that hard to believe that the army of the dead and the white walkers are real? Also, Jon doesn’t want Dany to know about his resurrection yet? I suppose you test the waters with zombies and ice giants first. Then go for the “I was dead, but now I’m not” story. 

In the end, thanks to Tyrion’s diplomacy (which has been far better than his battle planning lately) Dany allows Jon to mine for dragonglass underneath the castle. A reasonable thing to ask for a northern fool. 

“This is Jon Snow. He’s King in the North.” — Davos Seaworth

King’s Landing

Euron receives a hero’s welcome at King’s Landing where the people just love their tyrants apparently. Why does anybody even want to sit on the throne here? The Capitol of Westeros needs to be changed. Anyway, Cersei promises Euron all that his heart desires…when the war is won. If the war is won. 

Cersei gives Tyene Sand the “Long Farwell” just as Ellaria did to Cersei’s daughter, Myrcella, at the end of season 5. This scene was sadistic. Full of vengeance. Malicious. Perfect. Cersei would scare the fava beans out of Hannibal Lecter in this scene. A brutal ending for the Sands. 

Feeling high with power, Cersei struts around like she owns the place. I suppose technically she does. Or does the Iron Bank? We are reminded that the crown (and the Lannisters in particular) are in debt to the bankers from Braavos. Wait a minute. Braavos? Who else do we know from Braavos? OK. You’re right. I might just be wearing my tinfoil hat again. It’s probably no one…

Old Town

Jorah is miraculously cured overnight it seems. After shaking hands with Sam (the first contact he’s had with anyone in a while I imagine) he ventures off to be with his Khaleesi.  The Archmaester calls out Sam for going behind his back, but then “rewards” him with the task of cleaning up a pile of old scrolls. Scrolls infested with paper mites. Scrolls that may possess important information. Read on, Samwell.


Sansa has learned quite a bit over the years. The leadership role suites her very well as she oversees Winterfell. Littlefinger gives her some advice about seeing everything play out in her mind. Good advice, but I’m still waiting for the Littlefinger twist. Shortly after, Sansa is reunited with Bran, someone who actually can see everything play out in his mind. 

When did Bran Stark become the lovechild of Spock and Norman Bates? I guess it must be “difficult to explain” as he says. Is it though? “I met the three eyed raven and he taught me how to see all things. He died and bestowed his powers on me, making me the new three eyed raven.” Is it that difficult Bran?! Is it?! 

Casterly Rock

Tyrion’s Master Plan: Part Deux. It works like a charm! Until it doesn’t. The Unsullied take the rock, but at the cost of their fleet at the hands of Euron Greyjoy. OK. This is where I have a slight problem with the streamlining. How did Euron sail his fleet there so fast? How did Jaime mobilize his forces to leave Casterly Rock and arrive at Highgarden right at that moment? Editing. That’s how. I can let it slide. Again, it would’ve taken the majority of a season for the pieces to fall into place like this before. The real question here is… how did they know this attack was coming so fast? There has to be a traitor somewhere right? 


The Lannisters may not have the money anymore, but they know who does. The Tyrells of Highgarden have been the richest family in Westeros for some time now. The Tyrells are not known for their military prowess. The Tyrells get sacked. The battle is quick. Almost as quick as Lady Ollena’s sharp tongue. I don’t know if we have seen a better send off for a character in this show, but this one was well deserved. Diana Rigg played the hell out of this role and even as her character is on the verge of death, she still finds a way to win. The look on Jaime’s face as she tells him how she killed Joffrey is a thing of beauty. The Queen of Thorns until the end.

“Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.” —Ollena Tyrell

Thoughts and Theories

  • Melisandre has been wrong before, but never about prophecies of death. (The burning leeches from season 2. Or was that a spell? Whatever, you get the idea.) This does not look good for Varys. 
  • Speaking of Varys, is he a secret spy? How is it that the Lannisters are this far ahead of Dany. It might not be him, but something doesn’t sit right with me. 
  • Who else wants to see Jaime vs Euron? 
  • Was Tyrion’s “Walking Deadmen” line a shot at AMC? 
  • The preview for the next episode shows both Dany on a dragon and Arya arriving at Winterfell. Yes to both of those things!
  • No Hound? We need more Hound!
Thank you for reading and for your patience with this one! Looking forward to the next episode!

“That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”