Oops. My goof. Your profit!

As some of you may know, we have been beta testing the site this week for any glitches, bugs, hold ups, or random crap that may occur in the real world.  Hey, it’s hard as hell to make sure websites work properly on every type of machine running several different operating systems.

Nonetheless, my one rule that I’ve been telling everyone, don’t click the “like” button. I know it works, so whatever you do, don’t click the “like” button.

Yeah, well. As I was making adjustments to one of the pages, I hovered over the “like” button, and like an idiot, I clicked the “like” button.

Oh crap! I’m logged in to Facebook. The “like” is gonna end up on my wall, then everyone’s newsfeed. Then people can access the site. CRAP!

Luckily, I jumped on my profile, deleted the “like” and am now praying I caught it in time. Then again, if anyone is familiar with the “wonky-ness” of Facebook, I’m sure that my “like” will end up on someone’s newsfeed.

So, if you’re one of the lucky ones to find my “like” on your newsfeed, snap a screenshot, post it on our wall, and I’ll personally give you $20 bucks! No joke, ask Mo, the winner of our Photo Contest last week. I’m good for it. — Sergio